Mapping the debate

With much abuse of post-it notes, gnashing of teeth and callousing of keyboard-happy fingertips we’ve managed to whip into some kind of shape the arguments for and against the renewal of the UK’s nuclear deterrent.

The starting point of the debate is here:

The debate is not represented by a visual map (yet!). Rather, the above link offers a way of navigating through the arguments/points for and against renewing the UK’s nuclear deterrent. Each point is in response to another, either backing it up or negating it. Each point may also have other arguments in favour or in opposition to it. For instance, clicking on the starting point ‘Replace Trident’ lists related pro- and anti- arguments. An argument in favour of replacing Trident is that ‘Nuclear weapons prevent war’. Clicking on this argument then lists a number of arguments for and against that position.

At the moment users may not edit the arguments themselves, or change the relation of the arguments to other points: this level of interaction will be possible in the future, though. For the moment, you can leave comments and questions related to individual arguments. We can then factor these into the next version of the map.

Please do have wander around the site, study the various arguments and comment freely on the structure and content of the debate. If you have feedback on the debate-mapping application in its entirety please comment here or email


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