Objectives and Aims

The objective of this site is to scrutinise the arguments advanced both for and against the replacement of the UK’s nuclear defence system, Trident. We aim to create, collectively, a “map” of the arguments attending this policy decision. This blog, and the wider project within which it falls, is offered both as a contribution to the UK Government’s aim to inculcate public debate over Trident replacement, and out of a general concern that public policy be based on informed and inclusive deliberation.

The initiators of this project acknowledge that they have neither the knowledge nor resources to set out and evaluate the arguments to their own satisfaction and warmly invite readers to join in. Please use the “comment” option to add your views on the posts; if you are interested in having a longer involvement, contact us and we will pass you blogging rights subject to certain minimum checks to ensure quality of post.

In general, posts should aim to be well-informed and provide references (preferably links) for all substantive claims made. They should also aim where possible to be written in language that will be accessible to the general reader, and which will catch the imagination of people clicking through. Bias is fine, provided that it is acknowledged where it affects the argument; insults, party-political statements and rambling speculations will be deleted.

Most of the members of the team working on this project at present are opposed to Trident replacement, but strive not to let unacknowledged bias stay into the discussion. Both sides in the Trident debate ought to be able to find support for their views within the comments posted here; if they cannot, the blog is not fulfilling its function.

This blog is a work in progress and this background note will be periodically revised. This work is a project of Ken Yersel, in collaboration with others.

We aim shortly to publish a partial map of the arguments discussed in the blog so far; for an example of what this might look like, see Robert Horn’s mapping of arguments over the US Missile Defence System.

Ben Young from Ken Yersel


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